Sex Educator, Facilitator, Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Mentor, Advocate

Dreaming big to create a better world through queer community building, sex education, healing trauma, and empowering youth.

5+ years of experience teaching LGBTQ+ centered sex education, training teaching/ helping/ healthcare professionals, writing curricula, designing and implementing holistic social justice education, running a high school peer education program, facilitating and implementing youth advisory councils, and more.


I teach, consult, speak, and write from an intersectional lens that acknowledges that each person’s experience of sexuality, gender, trauma, and education are informed by their unique experiences of oppression, privilege, and access. My work integrates the history of reproductive oppression and medical apartheid and encourages people to think critically and examine the messages they have received. Teaching sex ed in a society where sex and sexuality are not only nexuses of oppression but also sources of shame, stigma, and trauma requires an approach that works to heal those wounds. My work seeks to help people unlearn harmful messages and imagine the world they want to live in through skilled facilitation. I believe that sexuality education and care can be sources of healing and liberation, and I want to walk that road with you.

Tory graduated with highest honors from Oberlin College in 2017 with majors in anthropology and gender, sexuality, and feminist studies. In addition to sex education, Tory has written and contributed to academic work on queer spaces and gay bars, and is passionate about creating inclusive queer spaces wherever they go.

During her tenure at Planned Parenthood of Michigan,Tory successfully designed and launched a remote education program during lockdown, a Statewide Youth Advisory Council, and an LGBTQ+ Employee Group. Tory contributed to the launch of the INclued program at PPMI and the White Privilege Learning Space for employees. Tory also implemented systems for budget and grant management, multiple communication channels for staff and youth, resource lists for clinics and education programs, program evaluation, tools for virtual learning, and best practices for youth engagement and LGBTQ+ inclusivity. She also recruited, trained, and supervised a highly engaged group of teen peer educators each year, consulted with and trained districts, sex ed advisory boards, and community organizations, and taught sex education in 7 area schools.

In their free time, Tory enjoys being in the woods, buying books, making random art things, baking, and doing several crossword puzzles a day. Tory lives in Ann Arbor, MI (which occupies the traditional, ancestral, and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg and Wyandot peoples) with her fiancé, 3 pets, and as many house plants as she can keep alive. 


Tory is a rock star sex educator!  With a wealth of knowledge and an expansive scope of educational experience, Tory has the ability to captivate a wide variety of audiences with fact based, relevant information and activities designed to shatter stigma, enhance learning, and strengthen human relationships.  Tory has been a trusted, powerful mentor to staff and students with passion that is undeniable.  

-Becky Brent, Ann Arbor Community High School: Health Teacher, CR Monitor,  Forum Leader / A2Virtual+ Academy Instructor / Health Educators Learning Network, Steering Committee Member

“Tory has provided training sessions for our secondary physical education and health educators for years.  Tory always provides high quality, relevant, customized, and current professional development.  Tory’s training sessions are engaging, and individualized to our needs. Tory was critical in the development and adoption of… inclusive, current, and updated [health/sex ed] materials”

-Kristin Stoops, Ann Arbor Public Schools 6-12 PE/Health District Department Chair

Tory has been a key component to our reproductive and sexuality lessons at Ypsilanti Community Schools…helping review and develop curriculum for all grade levels.  She has facilitated some amazing activities and educational opportunities within our Health classes.  Tory is very engaging and inclusive for all students, especially when educating students with cognitive impairments.  

– Shannon Hurley, Ypsilanti Community High School Health Teacher and District Sex Education Advisory Board co-chair